Torch Games

Indaiatuba, Brazil.

Founding Date:

April 2014

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Torch Games is a Game Developer company focused on bringing unique and immersive game experiences, composed by talented people from all around the world. Always looking for different perspectives, we always aim high quality and unique experiences.


Torch Games was founded by Julio Trasferetti in April 2014, with the purpose of bringing an unique perspective to game development. In 2013 , Julio was invited to be a Beta Tester of Unreal Engine 4. After writing RUN story and mechanics he started to prototype the game. Time passed, RUN grew and Torch Games was formed to work on it and future projects.


After the idealization of RUN, we saw the need to form a team to develop the game. Julio, had the idea of bringing a psychological experience within a game, then with other brilliant minds from around the world they formed Torch Games. Using Unreal Engine 4, Torch Games is currently working on RUN, a gameplay experience mixing elements of stealth with schizophrenia, which will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Even in development status, RUN has drawn attention of developers, players and media. Torch Games also had presence at events like GDC, BGS, SemComp, GamaCon, in addition to Independent game programs of Sony and Microsoft (Xbox@Id) platforms.